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I had been having bilateral shoulder pain for just over a month and it was interfering with my active lifestyle, especially lifting weights. Pro Relief was highly recommended by several friends, so I made an appointment. Maki really listened to me describe my shoulder issues and asked several questions to better understand the problem. It turned out to be pectoral muscle tightness and wasn't an actual shoulder joint condition. After treatment, I had less pain and more mobility than before. Although I had been stretching, I wasn't doing it correctly. Maki showed me the proper method to stretch the pectoral muscles and it has made a huge difference - even my posture has improved. I'm extremely happy with the results and glad I went to Pro Relief!

BK Cottle

She is my go to. She has very professional knowledge, long experience, and awesome Japanese traditional kindness!!! I trust her 100%. Strongly recommend!!!

Mina Fujiwara

She is nothing short of amazing! Her treatments are so effective. She really knows her stuff. I highly recommend her!

Vickie Sanchez

I had a severe lower backache. I couldn’t even sleep well at night because of the dull pain. I decided to visit pro relief chiropractic, and it turned out to be a great decision. Dr. Maki, not only fixed my back from shoulder to lower back, but also taught me what kind of excise works well for my back. Thanks to her, I don’t have any pain on my back!

Yuki Maeno

Dr. Maki helps me relieve stress and pain through chiropractic massages and stretches. I had throbbing headaches that were debilitating, and she was able to alleviate pain effectively. Being a serious athlete herself, she is very knowledgeable of sports science, and her explanation of muscle movements and subsequent stretch recommendations are very helpful, too. I highly recommend her. 

Kay Hoyama

I decided to go to PRO RELIEF CHIROPRACTIC when I had a hip pain. Dr. Maki treated me and I got much better. She also taught me exercises that helped a lot. I had a lucky thing happened. I had had a bad migraine for last 5 years, since visiting Dr. Maki, my migraine has gone away. I needed to carry my ibuprofen with me for the last 5 years but now I don't. Dr. Maki helped to my posture, increasing blood circulation. It has helped me a lot. I currently visit Dr. Maki regularly. Her treatment is the best and she is incredibly knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.

Yuka Retington

My daughter (13 years old ) really liked the advice for her posture and the treatment she received. she said she would go back. Thank you so much!

Yoko Richards

Thank you Maki for helping my sore muscles. The ART technique you use -- a kind of guided stretching of the muscles -- makes so much sense to me for long term benefits. Glad I purchased the 10-visit pass and see you again soon :)

George E Gerpheide

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